Shared House ENーJING

Enjoy share life with Japanese people!

Only 23000 Yen private room Fully furnished, Free Wi-Fi, etc! We will support your precious life in Japan!

A man who wants to save rent by teaching English

A man who wants to improve Japanese

A man who wants to enjoy share life with variety of people!

Shared house EN-JING is the place you can have a ball with fellows with various individualities!
The rent is 26000 Yen actually. But if you help Japanese people studying English, we will discount 3000 Yen for you! We will support international students by reasonable rent!

You can enjoy life in Japan!

* We can introduce supporters of your job hunting
* You can learn something about Japan from your share mates
* We will support you in English

Have a ball with lots of people!

* This is the place Lots of varaiety of people get together
* The mechanism to be a good friend each other is enhanced
* You can have a big fun at our Monthly party!

Besides reasonable rent 23000 Yen!

* Free Wi-Fi, Amazon Fire TV!
* Fully furnished
* Great security all rooms are equipped with a key

Hot Spring

You can enjoy hot spring at 500 Yen/month

WE will support your wonderful life in Japan!!

●If you are in trouble, we will support you in English!
●Your Japanese share mates are positive to study English hard!
If you teach English, you will get a salary!

If you want to improve your Japanese...

●Here is the great place for you!
●Japanese share mates will help your Japanese to improve

Other great points

●a lot of shops around the house, very convenient!
●Rent is from 23000 Yen
Just 10 min. walk to Beppu station

EN-JING Beppu station house

Nishinoguchi Beppu Oita
Next to Beppu park

10 min. walk to Beppu station

EN-JING Kamegawa house

Shonin nakamachi Beppu Oita
5 min. walk to the bus stop to APU

9 min. walk to Beppu Daigaku station


Yoshikiyo Oishi

Language study abroad to Australia, etc. Was working as a shared house manager in Tokyo for 5 years. Now working as a Beppu volunteer interpreter, International exchange organization staff and the English teacher.

EN-JING Beppu station house
English teacher

Raunak Baskota /
Gayantha Nanayakkara

Raunak Baskota
APU graduate school
APU graduate school student. Speaks English and also Japanese very well. He has experience working as an Assistant Language Teacher. Friendly and caring.

Gayantha Nanayakkara
APU the 3rd year student. Speaks English and also Japanese fluently. He has over 1 year teaching experience as an English teacher. His compassion teaching is popular among students.

English study advisers

Abir Siddiky /
Douglas Walters

As English advisors that will enhance the English quality for the house residents to improve their English skill.

"Opportunity not to use English," "study alone is painful," "English does not improve,"
the feeling we know painfully. I am also the same experience as you.
English learning is important to continue with patience. Also if it's tough alone, and if together with the fellow, you can overcome surely.
Painful time, and, all the fun time, let's work together for the success.
We support such a you with full force!

Producer Yoshikiyo Oishi

Thank you for always teaching Japanese! I'm pretty sure to support your English to improve as well.
Enjoy share life together!

The life I speak English anytime is wonderful!
My English skill is getting better day by day. Thanks my friends!

I'm really happy that I never feel lonely. Let's have lots of opprtunities to speak English.
And then you would speak much better for sure!

I could not speak English at all. but now...
This place is where friends who work hard and gather. Enjoy studying English and Japanese each other.

For me, this is a place I can meet people working hard for their goals. You are not alone. Let's do our best together for what we want to do!

I hate spending lonely time alone.
Let's have a wonderful unforgettable time together!

15-10 Nishinoguchimachi Beppu Oita

10 min. walk to Beppu station!

〒874-0909 4F Alliance tower 3-7 Tanoyumachi Beppu Oita


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